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What's with the birds?
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Birds - symbols of tenacity, courage, flexibility, adventure, vision, and elegance..

The Flash slide show that normally goes here requires Flash Player version 7 or above.   If you wish to see this higher quality slide show, select the following link to install the latest Flash Player on your computer: Download Flash Player . It will take you to the Macromedia web site Flash Installation page. Follow the easy instructions for the automated installation.  

The World Wide Web has been the catalyst and delivery mechanism of a myriad of new forms of entertainment as well as the more traditional ones.   Entertainment is an activity that is diverting and that holds the attention of an audience or its participants.   Holding the attention of your audience should be a major goal of the design of a web site, no matter what the purpose or subject is.   Of course entertainment is not the only way to capture the attention of your web site visitors, but it is a method that should always be considered.   It is human nature to want to be entertained.   The subject and purpose of the website and the audience you want to attract helps determine the best method and how much entertainment is used.

A lack of good content, difficult site navigation, and an inability for the user to quickly find what they are looking for on a web site cannot be covered up with entertaining elements.   If these basic web site ingredients are present though, then adding entertaining elements to a web site can greatly enhance the visitor's experience and they are more likely to visit again as well as tell others about the web site.

Entertain Your Visitors!

The ways of entertaining web site visitors are virtually unlimited.   For instance, the many ways that graphics can be used on a web site provides an enormous source of entertainment options.   Music, if used in the right context, can evoke emotion and feelings on a website just as it does in a movie or a play.   Odyssey has the tools and the talent to not only create and implement original outstanding entertainment value to your website using graphics and music, but in many other ways as well.   The Odyssey team can help you add pizzaz and creativity to your web site giving it true entertainment value.

Sample Slide Show

Among the many versatile tools that we use to add entertainment value to website pages are slide shows. Our Flash based slide shows are very cost effective and extremely versatile in terms of the ways we can easily tailor them to: (1) match the the theme of a website, (2) add an unlimited variety of photos or animations (3) link each slide to display a larger version of the image, or to any URL on the internet, (4) add a sound track to the slide show (either music or commentary).  Groups of slides can be organized into albums which can initially be displayed when the web page containing the slide show albums is first displayed. Also our slide shows have a very intuitive easy-to-use interface for navigating among the albums and slides.

In the sample slide show above, first select an album you wish to view. As each slide is shown, notice how optional captions can be used for each slide. Also if you put your cursor over a slide number it will show a thumbnail image of the slide. If you place your cursor over a slide when it's caption is displayed, the cursor changes from an arrow to a hand symbol. When this happens you can click on the image and it will display a link associated with the image. This is a wonderful feature that can be used in many ways to make your website more useful as well as entertaining. 

The music accompanying the slide show was composed and played by Aaron Ringo.  It is called "Hands in the Clouds".  We feel this composition sets a relaxing and uplifting mood which is what we wanted for the slide show album featuring our photos of various bird species.  If you need an original music composition for a page on your website please contact us.

In order for the slide show to work properly, java script must be enabled and you must have the Flash Player 7 or above installed on your computer. This is a free program that is very easy to download and install. It is used by millions of people around the world.  If the Flash Player is not installed, alternate content will be displayed with an option to download the latest Flash Player from the Macromedia website.   To view an alternate slide show using Javascript, click here:

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