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What's with the birds?
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What's with the birds?

You may be asking yourself, "What's with the birds?" Birds have long been used as symbols of countries. Birds of prey are common symbols of war and the dove is universally known as a symbol of peace. Song birds are also quite popular symbols of states, in particular the mockingbird is the state bird of Texas. The two most popular bird symbols used throughout the world are the eagle and the Andean condor. This last bird is our main symbol, the condor. So to answer the question," What's with the birds?", we would like to give you a short history of our logo, and theme.

We at Odyssey selected an image of a bird as part of our logo and theme many years ago, about 20 years ago to be exact. Our original bird logo is the outline image of an Andean condor in flight, seen here at the right. The Andean condor is the great surveyor and explorer of the Andean mountain valleys and canyons of South America. The Andean condor also has the distinction of being considered the largest flying bird in the world. At the time we first started our company and selected our logo, our major business focus was geographical information systems and mapping software. We felt like the condor's wide sweeping wingspread, their keen eyesight and ability to stay aloft on wind currents for long periods of time exploring the countryside for food, reflected the perfect symbol of our company. We even named a product, Condor Mapping Utilities, after this particular bird.

Since that time, even though our business focus has changed, we have continued to admire birds. The reasons are simple; birds are extremely adaptive, resourceful, hardy and intelligent. In addition, birds are free to explore and soar to great heights, and can be colorful and entertaining.

We realized that as our business continues to change and evolve, that we too must be adaptive, resourceful, hardy and intelligent, just like the birds we admire.

Like the birds, as the name Odyssey implies, we are continuously embarking on new journeys and therefore are always exploring new avenues of knowledge through the work we do.

We are also artists at the core and heart of our endeavors. How better to honor and appreciate the beauty, style, color and pure entertainment of the birds, then to showcase them right here?




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