Welcome to Odyssey Consulting Corporation!

For over 35 years, Odyssey Consulting Corp., owned by Danny and Sandra Ringo, specialized in consulting and software development for many companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. In 1996 we added website development to our services.  

If you look at our logo which is a Californian Condor in flight, it can be viewed two different ways.  It can be seen as flying away from you or flying toward you.  This symbolizes our gratefulness for the wonderful adventures in which we have participated in the past, and our looking forward to the adventures we are to experience in the future. 

Currently we maintain the website of Wood Ring Guitars which is a central hub for sales and information about the fine classical guitars that luthier Aaron Ringo creates and the associated services that he performs.  We also maintain a blog called Scientific Muse which primarily focuses on scientific and artistic topics.